Welcome to my Personal Weblog

Welcome to John Oleszkiewicz’s personal weblog. I write occasionally about books I’ve read, things I’ve done with my family, professional interests, hobbies, and anything else that might come to mind. In other words, yet another unfocused, obscure blogger.

I’m a little more focused at my 24-hour movie marathon weblog. If you love movies, parties, or nerdy silliness, check out that weblog.

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Sucuri Security Scanner

Who knew protecting little hobby WordPress websites from hacking would be such a pain in the butt? I just got an e-mail from my hosting provider which claims they found and removed malware from my movie marathon site. This is despite the fact that I have Wordfence installed!

I don’t really want to pay hundreds of dollars a year to maintain my low-traffic volume sites like this one. As a first step I’ll have to run Sucuri SiteCheck as a supplement to Wordfence. It provides a remote scan looking for vulnerabilities and checks if site has been blacklisted.

Volt Planner Guides

I recently purchased the 2017 Volt planner. Its a fancy journal designed to help meet your business goals, but I’m planning on using it to meet all of my goals – business and personal.

There are more resources on the website than just selling the notebook. The site provides multiple guides, including:

They have a decent weblog too. I like the collection of 30-day challenge ideas.

I’ll have to read these over during winter break when I start my first planning session.